Eileen Fisher Embroidery Event

On Saturday July 8th I was invited to go to the Eileen Fisher shop in Covent Garden, to celebrate their launch of a range of white shirts by offering customised embroidery onto customers' shirts! This event was happening in all their 4 London shops, and 8 shops in Canada. Eileen Fisher is a really green company, supporting organic materials and fair prices to all chains of the supply, so it was really fantastic to go and work with them!

On the day I was seated downstairs behind a huge table with my threads and designs spread out. My first 'commission' was from the store manager! She had just got a little kitten and so asked me for paw prints! Her idea was to put a couple between buttons at the top so she could hide them by doing up the shirt all the way, or let them peep out with a couple buttons undone! Genius! She was so pleased with them (phew!) she asked me for 2 more on the collar, and 1 more under the very bottom button.

The next client was another lady who worked in the store, who at first asked for 'anything!' but I needled her until she came up with planets, stars and moons, in shades of blue and grey, with flashes of silver. Another beautiful idea.

Finally, the lady organising the event asked me to stitch my herbs onto her cuffs, a sage on one cuff, and thyme on the other. Honestly I need these people in my life for more creative ideas!

Sadly the event had been a bit last minute so there wasn't much promotion, so actually I didn't get to embroider for any customers! Lol! But it was a fantastic afternoon and improved my confidence in stitching on the spot, under time pressure, for customers.

I really hope I can organise something else similar at a Craft Fair or something more permanent. Will keep you posted!

Have a lovely day :D